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Niko Job
Online Digital Jobs
Connecting the high potential youths with skills to thousands of online digitals jobs across the globe

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Inspire, Mould & Empower
Y-HUB is a youth portal equiped with tools, online jobs, trainings and course ready to change the lives of young people with potential in the society

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Tuko Works
Online Trainings & Courses
Did you know there are courses in existance which you can undertake online to improve on your skills for online and digital jobs?

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Activities to search and identify the talented & skilled Youth with an Enterprising Spirit and Innovative Ideas


Institution and programmes that seek to develop skills and build knowledge of the Youth, to face the market


Process and resources we provide to the youth towards equipping them fully for participation in the market


Financial Investment and Management initiatives for the youth to upscale their businesses

As our world continues its evolution into one that is mobile-first and cloud-first, it is important for educators in the country to seriously consider offering coding as a subject...


Inspire | Mould | Empower

Access thousands of online and local jobs available for you



Get access to hundreds of free online training and certified courses.



Get hundreds of scholarships available for you

Digital Training Litracy


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